Brand New Track: ‘A Dog Named Peanut’ now available as a free mp3 dowload

Hi Everyone, I have a BRAND NEW previously unreleased song now complete and available for a free download here: The song is entitled ‘ A Dog Named Peanut’. I wrote this song about ten years ago about the most messed up relationship I was ever in. I was completely obsessed and this reflects my state of mind at the time.

This song was supposed to be last song on my record TO TELESCOPE. But, it just didn’t seem to fit. It is a different sound than the record. But, was recorded during the same sessions. It has more of a jazz feel with 7th chords and swing drums. When Chris and I tracked the drums (I think I finally got it right on the 13th take), we did this song and a few others that have not seen the light of day…yet, on the last day of tracking. We tuned the drums differently and set up the mics to accommodate the song………hope you like it:)