“Sea Of White might be the best EP of 2014 to date and opener “I’m Gonna Know You” might be the best power ballad I’ve heard in years, with a swelling, catchy chorus, while “Till Death Do Us Part” and “Happiness and Misery” are a couple of excellent Posies/Matthew Sweet-styled rockers, “Our Life is the Song” closes things out in hooky fashion.”

“Perfection exists. I have come across it in the form of five wonderful pop songs, 5 stars” Sea Of White EP by Peter Buzzelle

“Museum Of is full of Buzzelle’s astute and catchy as hell power pop, and at times it reminds us of the finest moments in the aforementioned genre such as The Posies’ Frosting On The Beater, Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend, and Big Star’s landmark #1 Record, while creating something engaging, original, and completely addicting.”

“More than a decade after he left the Northwest and the Olympia-based noise-pop band he founded, Frequency dB, Peter Buzzelle is poised for a renaissance. Buzzelle delivers crystal-clear vocals over power-pop melodies with alarming ease.”

“Everyone should pick up Pete’s new album “Museum Of”. It’s one of the best indie albums I’ve heard in a very long time! Fantastic!” www.rocknrolljihad.com Jan, 2012

“It’s interesting with Peter. He seems like he’s pretty straightforward as an artist, but it’s not true. He’s a bit left of center which, of course, we always like. We won’t hold it against him that he’s from ‘Bastin’ (Boston)….probably a Sox fan.”

“Twelve years in the making, Peter Buzzelle’s debut album, To Telescope, is finally beginning to see the light of day… and what a fine day it is.”

“Peter’s music is beautifully fluid, almost liquid perfection, fronted by guitar chords that are both exaggerated and mellow all at the same time.”

“We cant quite put our ‘finger on it’ but there is something about Peter that gets our attention here at Beehive Candy in the crowded world of indie rock!”

“Just try listening to ‘To Telescope’ by Peter Buzzelle and not get the urge for clove cigarettes.”

Shawn, Modus Operandi Zine, July 2010

“’Summer Home’ has been chosen to be featured on CD Baby New Music Podcast, July 2010”


“’Summer Home’ is top 10 finalist in competition to open for John Mayer in Boston, August 2010”

“’Summer Home’ is featured song of the day Sept 3, 2010 on FM102x”