Hailing from the great Northwest, where he was a founding member of the pop-noise band Frequency dB, Peter Buzzelle is a singer/songwriter that can best be described as a devotee to guitar-centered Power Pop in the tradition of Big Star, The Posies, and The Shins. Dig a little deeper, though, and you’ll find additional layers that demonstrate a keen sense of song craft featuring a dichotomy of joy and melancholy mixed into a style heavy on melodic hooks, original riffs, and the occasional odd time signature.

Shortly after his move to Boston, Buzzelle teamed up with producer/musician Chris Zerby (of Boston’s Helicopter Helicopter) to release two highly regarded full-length records, “To Telescope” and “Museum Of”, which saw him flexing a bit of rock guitar muscle while keeping one foot firmly planted in his Power Pop roots.

“Museum Of is full of Buzzelle’s astute and catchy as hell power pop, and at times it reminds us of the finest moments in the aforementioned genre such as The Posies’ Frosting On The Beater, Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend, and Big Star’s landmark #1 Record, while creating something engaging, original, and completely addicting.” –Bryan Hamill – The Ash Gray Proclamation, May 2012

Firmly established in the Boston music scene, Peter changed his approach in 2014 by going for more of a full-band vibe for his next recording, “Sea of White”, a 5 song EP recorded at Boston’s famed Q Division Studios.  Co-produced by Craig Small (Airport) and Chris Zerby, and featuring some of Boston’s top-notch players (Craig Small on guitar, Chuck Ferreira on Drums, Ken Rothman on guitar, Matt Girard on Bass and James Rohr on keyboards), “Sea of White” garnered even more attention and saw Buzzelle signing with indie rock label, Hidden Trail Records.

Accolades for the record were strong:  “Sea Of White might be the best EP of 2014 to date and opener “I’m Gonna Know You” might be the best power ballad I’ve heard in years, with a swelling, catchy chorus, while “Till Death Do Us Part” and “Happiness and Misery” are a couple of excellent Posies/Matthew Sweet-styled rockers, “Our Life is the Song” closes things out in hooky fashion.” –Absolute Powerpop Blogspot

In 2015 “Peter Buzzelle and The Academy” was born, in order to keep a more collaborative and consistent band approach intact, followed by a string of successful shows in the Boston area.

Drawing from the core members of “The Academy”, recording began during the winter of 2016 at 1867 Studios with engineer and co-producer, James Bridges, at the helm. The result, “Devil Love” (released in September of 2016), may very well be Peter’s strongest work to date, featuring a diverse suite of songs that represent the full range of his core influences and writing style. Featuring Ken Rothman on guitar, Chuck Ferreira on drums, and Jamie Griffith on bass, “Devil Love” is a tour de force mix of gritty rock, catchy pop, and introspective soul searching from an artist hitting his full stride.

2017 figures to be a busy year for Peter Buzzelle and The Academy, with winter and spring dates in the works.  Check back often for updates and news!

Peter Buzzelle – guitar & vocals
Ken Rothman – guitar & backing vocals
Chuck Ferreira – drums, percussion, backing vocals
Jason Raffi – bass