I’m Giving Away the First Hundred Copies of ‘TO TELESCOPE’

When the CD’s are done, I’ll give away the first 100 copies. Just email me your address and I’ll send you one. I know that nobody buys them anymore! But, I still think they are cool to have. Plus, this is my 1st record. So hell ya I want a physical copy, not just some virtual album out in that there intranet!

I will also of course be releasing the album through itunes, CD Baby ect… for those of you who want to buy some overpriced crappy sounding mp3.

My Debut Record ‘TO TELESCOPE’ to be released in April 2010

I’ve been working on this record since last year, and I am almost finished. My brother in law, Chris Zerby of Hello Dragon, Helicopoter Helicopter, End Of The World Music in Los Angeles is producing it for me. We tracked fifteen songs of drums in Feb 09’ and ten will make it to this record. I have been tracking at my house in Boston. Chris has been adding guitars, bass and finalizing the mix in his studio in LA…..can’t wait to get it done!

To Telescope CD Cover