New review of TO TELESCOPE in ‘THE NOISE’


To Telescope

10 tracks

Twelve years in the making, Peter Buzzelle’s debut album, To Telescope, is finally beginning to see the light of day… and what a fine day it is. A deeply personal endeavor with origins in his life, the album’s opener, “The Devil Took Our Souls,” greets listeners with the lines: “Me and Johnny were at the bar again and I’m wearing a halo of sin. We’re drunk and high. It’s time to take us home again.” It’s a debauched fairytale of love, one that enthralls and finds one begging for more. “Enter into my world. Share my trials and triumphs, all while immersing yourself in appealing melodies,” the disc beckons its intrigued audience forth and does not disappoint. Each song is a story and one can easily envision Buzzelle, guitar in hand, sharing these deeply personal anecdotes over an open campfire or perhaps during an open mic night. It is through tales of nostalgia and longing that his sincerity particularly comes forth, nearly melting hearts. “We’re Better Together” is a proclamation of love that would be found amid diary entries, one in which he lays everything out on the table: “This is gonna sound crazy, but it’s true. I love you more than anything in this world. I don’t know what to do. I can’t get over you.” Genuine and appealing, newcomer Buzzelle’s music is highly enjoyable. (Julia R. DeStefano)