My New Record, ‘MUSEUM OF’ is finished!




Peter Buzzelle

“Indie rock in the classic style of Morrissey and Elliott Smith, from Boston, MA”


My new record: MUSEUM OF is done! You can get it exclusively here: is currently the only place it is available as it is still getting placed into distribution channels: itunes, amazon, CD Baby ect..

I am selling the record at You can name your own price or if you want it for FREE, just enter $0 This includes: 10 brand new songs + 2 bonus tracks + artwork.


If you want a CD mailed to you, the cost is also name your own price + one free 10 song digital download card of MUSEUM OF, a perfect stocking stuffer!


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Band Camp is a great deal for artist, as they take a very small percentage of sales.


I am embarking on an ambitious campaign to get my music in the ears of as many people as possible, so think of this as a little donation to the cause:


A little history: “It has been my dream to get signed to Sub Pop Records ever since I graduated from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA in 1998. (OK, you can get up off the floor now from laughing yourself off your chair, a man’s got to have dreams, we all have dreams right? ) …….anyhow, Sub Pop was the starting place for some of my most favorite bands from Nirvana to Soundgarden to Band Of Horses and many more. It was my ambition to have my band be noticed by Sub Pop when I was in college. But we never did enough to get on their radar. I’m still trying….:)”





To Telescope
01 The Devil Took Our Souls.wav
Wed Nov 16 11 Somerville, MA Precinct Bar Tickets
“Twelve years in the making, Peter Buzzelle’s debut album, To Telescope, is finally beginning to see the light of day… and what a fine day it is. ”  — Julia R. DeStefano, The Noise-Boston, May 2011
“Peter’s music is beautifully fluid, almost liquid perfection, fronted by guitar chords that are both exaggerated and mellow all at the same time. ”  — New Music Michael Blog, Dec 1, 2010
“We cant quite put our ‘finger on it’ but there is something about Peter that gets our attention here at Beehive Candy in the crowded world of indie rock”  —, Sept 2010