A Brief Synopsis:

The ten songs on ‘To Telescope’ have their origins in my life over the past twelve years. After graduating from college in 98’ I was filled musical ideas. But, with out my band anymore, basically homeless living out of a van and broke, I had no chance of getting anything going on. I decided to move back to the East Coast, after living in the Northwest for close to twenty years.

I have been writing this album for ten years. But, during that time I got married, bought a house, started a family and now have an established carpentry business in Boston. Now I finally got some capital to record an album!

My brother in law, Chris Zerby, (End Of The World Music, Hello Dragon), saved my musical life. He took on this project along with some incredibly gracious friends; Jeff Kotter and Matt Laurence played bass on several songs, Liz Costa sang beautifully on ‘Summer Home’ and the incredibly talented Ed Gerwig helped me tremendously with a lot of the vocals on this record along with adding harmonies to five of the tracks. I think I have found a new musical partner with Ed.

I’m so happy it’s finally finished. I worked so hard on this record.