‘Impassioned indie rock in the classic style of Morrissey and Elliott Smith’

Peter Buzzelle (Vocals, Guitar) is a singer/songwriter, power pop/indie rock recording artist from Boston, Massachusetts. Buzzelle’s main influences are mixed amongst artists such as Elliott Smith, Morrissey and Band Of Horses. Buzzelle is an original singer and songwriter whose lyrics and vocal melodies tell a story about his life and his experiences. Buzzelle has written and recorded his newly released second album “Museum Of” with the help of Chris Zerby (Helicopter Helicopter, Hello Dragon), a producer from California. In the beginning of his career, Peter was the founder of a band called Frequency dB that toured for over half a decade across the west coast of the United States with well known bands such as The Posies. Buzzelle is an independent  musician that has learned to market himself and manage his own career over the years. His new album “Museum Of” tells a story about his life and his experiences against the backdrop of his power pop/indie rock credentials.

Buzzelle cares about funding educational initiatives that are geared toward the arts and music programming in public schools. He has been involved with volunteering programs such as Boston Cares, where he has taken the lead of becoming a project manager who has gathered materials to repair homes for families in need. Buzzelle is passionate about raising money for community based non-profit organizations that build and develop affordable housing. Peter Buzzelle is a musician with a genuine heart and the musical roots to present his passions. “Museum Of” reflects his personality and is    available online in stores such as CD Baby, iTunes and 15 others.
“All sisters and brothers recognize one another, we echo our identities” – Peter Buzzelle from his new album “Museum Of”.

Additional Info

Peter studied music composition and audio production at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington and received a B.A. in 1998.

The drum kit is his first instrument. He studied percussion at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California when he was eighteen years old. Learning and dissecting rhythm from the most talented studio drummers in the world changed his musical path indefinitely. He is heavily influenced by the 80’s new wave band, Depeche Mode and his experience as a drummer in the 90’s Northwest band, Frequency dB. Peter was a founding member of Frequency dB. He toured and recorded with the band for six years.

Peter left the Northwest in 2000 to return to his home state of Massachusetts. He has performed as a solo artist since 2001 focusing on songwriting and production in the recording studio. Two of Peter’s songs; Be My Valentine and Smoke Signal won the Track of the Day award on ‘Summer Home’ was recently chosen to be featured on the June, 2010 CD Baby New Music Podcast It was also a top 10 finalist in the competition to open for John Mayer in Boston in August, 2010 at: and most recently was chosen to be SONG OF THE DAY on FM102x:

Power Pop/Indie Rock is the best description of Peter’s music. He is able to create music that is effective in its simplicity. He is easily able to convey feelings, emotions and situations without weighing the music unnecessarily. Listening to Peter’s music you can hear the commitment and passion of his sincerity.